Swagbucks – what is it and how does it work…

Swagbucks is a site that you can earn points for doing different things and then redeam the points for many different things in their swag store.

I’ve been using it for a month and wanted to report back on how I feel it works.  I started it when I heard they offered Amazon gift cards.  A $5 gift card is 450 points.  I use Amazon for Christmas presents so rather than starting a Christmas Club I decided to give this a try…

Well after a month I’ve go $15 in Amazon gift cards and I haven’t gotten any points yet for the coupons I’ve used.  So I’m expecting that this will help me earn $200 a year for Christmas for just a few minutes a day’s worth of work. 

First go onto the Swagbucks website and dowload the toolbar. 

     1) Use this for all your searches.  You will randomly earn points for searching.  I’ve earned anywhere from 7 to 50 points. 

     2) Also you get 1 point per day for having the tool bar.

EVERYDAY go under the EARN section

     1) Do the daily poll for 1 point.

     2) Go through the NOSO for 2 points.  They are little advertisements that you can sign up for or skip and still get pts.

     3) Go to the TRUSTED SURVEYS and get 1 point per day. 

Print COUPONS from the EARN section. 

     1) You will earn 10 pts for every coupon redeem.  This takes 8-10 weeks to show up.  It looks like these are coupons from coupons.com so don’t print them off that site before checking on swagbucks first.


     1) When you have time start filling out your profile so they can match surveys up to you and not have you waste your time.  You can earn 5-10 points per proile section

     2) When you have time, try to take any surveys that are offered to you.


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