Daily Bible Reading ~ 05/06/11

I’m going a little outside the box.  My pastor at LifeChurch had one of the most well explained sermons I’d ever heard.  It made it very easy to understand why bad things happen…

God is our landlord.  He gave us this earth, His Son, and His Word in hopes we’d use it to allow “His will be done and His kingdom come to Earth as it is in Heaven”  Like a father he doesn’t do everything for us.  He helps us along the way and we can ask him for help but like any good father there are lessons we must learn and things we must overcome.

He gave us freewill and thus we and anyone else are allowed to sin.  This causes negative consequences in the Earth…  It allows Satan and evil to take hold of things than we allow them to take. 

There is also a Curse on this Earth that started when Eve bit the apple.  This curse is death…  everything around us is dying and that curse causing accidents, natural disasters, cancer etc.

The one variable here that is our responsibility is your freewill…  What are you doing with it?  Are you a Christian trying to lead people to Jesus?  Are you doing it by the life the lead and not by shoving it down people’s throats?  How is family?  Are you helping to recognize that there are evil spirits at work and that it is our job to help them recognize their potential and the love of God.  Then finally is the world.  What are you doing to help bring people to him?  Being a tenant is work but the reward for our work is to see a piece of Heaven right here right now!


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