Daily Bible Reading ~ 7/8/11

 Psalm 81:8-10 

8 Hear me, my people, and I will warn you—
   if you would only listen to me, Israel!
9 You shall have no foreign god among you;
   you shall not worship any god other than me.
10 I am the LORD your God,
   who brought you up out of Egypt.
Open wide your mouth and I will fill it.

Christians believe in God and believe in his almightiness so why do we not WORSHIP him?  Why do we not go to him in all times of trouble, why do we not thank him for EVERYTHING we have, why do we not trust in all his promises, why do we not give our offerings back in our time and money, why do we not love has HE has taught us how to love!

Our minds try and tell us that “Those promises and rules are for other people”.  But they are not, they are for us….  What “gods” are you putting before God?  What is keeping you from being the best mom/dad/wife/husband, what is keeping you from helping someone you meet in the street, what is keeping you from praying for those people who have hurt you?  Whatever the answer may be…  you are putting that above God since that THING is keeping you from the life we have been told to live. 

I know the hard thing for me is determining when a good thing is getting in the way…  Work, exercise, doing stuff with the kids, keeping up the blog, couponing…  these are all good things, but they can quickly become a THING that takes over…

Couponing for me had done that…  Yes I was saving a TON of money but at what cost?  Was I eating dinner with the kiddos, was I spending enough time with my husband, was I available to family and friends who needed me?  I won’t stop couponing but I also won’t put it above what God has put me in charge…. 

So take a GOOD LONG LOOK at what is keeping you from what God has called you to do….  Chances are a SMALL change will get your back on the right track!


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