How to rejoice in death…

I’ve been hit by death a couple of times this week and though it’s been sad, I can sense that there was also rejoicing. 

My dear friend’s father passed and I looked at her tired face and knew that she was going to find rest in knowing this chapter of her Dad’s life had ended…  Rest because she knows that he’ll be in Heaven and all his pain and suffering will be gone…  Now the problem here is do we KNOW, THINK, or HOPE there is a Heaven.  If you KNOW then you can rejoice and find rest trusting in the Lord.  I had never met him but in hearing all the amazing words…  and the people’s lives he’d touched, that he had done what we are all suppose to do…  bring people closer to God.  I  knew this because though there were tears and sad faces…  I could feel that his family and friends all KNEW…  I have a hunch that they KNEW and didn’t THINK or HOPE because of him.  What a great legacy.  I think we should all strive for that. 

Then last night the kiddos, hubby and I watched Charlie St. Cloud.  2 brothers died in a car accident and the older brother came back.  The younger one’s spirit didn’t want to go to heaven so he played catch with his brother everyday.  The movie was about not being afraid and trying to rejoice in your trials because it all has purpose…  There was a purpose for it all.  My son cried and didn’t understand why the boy had to die…  By the end of the movie he said…   The accident was really horrible, but Sam will go to Heaven and that is much more awesome and Charlie was able to do more good stuff.  My 8-year-old got it…  The beginning of the movie, it just seemed like a horrible situation and that God was unfair, but at the end of it you could look back and see a purpose and rejoice.  Crazy how we learn life lessons!


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