Meal Plan 9-24-11

  Meal Plan 09-24-11 has been posted!  First, it looks a lot like last week…  My sister and her fam was up from Nashville and my awesome step dad had us over almost every night so we could spend some GREAT time with them….  Sooooo  a lot of the meals were able to be transferred to this week. 

If you are looking for a meal plan, my friend Ally  is making cute reusable ones and selling them at craft fairs.  They are super cute so if you are interested let me know and I can get you her information.

Also Money Saving Mom posted some meal plan layouts that are computer based.  You can do it on the computer and just save or print it out. 

Meal planning is KEY…  #1 it gets me to USE my stockpile and really get my grocery bill LOW.  #2 it alleviates all kinds of craziness during the week…  (notice our daily activities off to the side.  My family is on the move!)  #3 the whole family knows what’s for dinner and if I’m running late and ask them to help they know what’s planned.


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