Can you see the blessings among the mess?

I ALWAYS try to be positive and not get wrapped up in any kind of destructive stuff.  I HATE drama and love when I can look back on the day and see the blessings among the mess.

Ephesians 1:18
I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people,

My family is horrible with money (getting better…) and that is why I started couponing so we could eat well, even when the money wasn’t rolling in.  I have a close member of my family dealing with a non-curable progressive disease.  I have a son with ADHD.  I have a brain that often times will not shut off.  I often over commit myself and get way too busy.

How do you find Blessings?  I start the day with Bible reading and prayer…  thanking God for his past blessings and asking for His eyes to see how I should handle all the issues I’m dealing with and to see all the Blessing around me.  Finally, I pray for different groups in my life…  my church, my family and friends, my government, the kid’s school, any organization I’m involved with at the time, my employer.  At the end of this prayer…  I have recognized: all the things in my life that matter. 

I don’t see all the money I owe…  I am thankful for the money I”m earning and with God’s eyes I will try to spend more wisely.

I don’t think about my family member I may lose, I think about all the days I will spend with them.  I am going to see them through God’s eyes and pray for full healing.  Discoveries are made everyday and I’m thankful for each day that we are one step closer to a cure!

With my son, I try not to focus on the forgotten homework, the forgotten chores, or issues at school.  I see my son through God’s eyes and discipline where needed and love him unconditionally.  Thankful that he is in my life!  He is an absolute joy and makes my heart smile!

I try not to stress about my overly booked calendar…  I look at it with God’s eyes and see all the opportunities I have to help people and make their day better!  And listen to God to know when enough is enough and say no.


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