Just when you think things are going GREAT…

Last night I decided since we didn’t  HAVE to go anywhere we’d finish the Christmas gifts for my niece and nephews down in TN…  Which we did!  🙂

Then Jay reminded (really told me for the first time)  that our son was going to my in-laws to spend the night.  That was Ok, we packed him up quick.

I had the BRILLIANT idea to exchange what we needed to at the mall.  Abby had a pair of Old Navy jeans from Sept, Gabe had a pair we’d bought him last week, and my niece gave me back 2 pair that didn’t fit from her birthday, 3 from the Children’s Place.  I also had a $20 TCP coupon…  We could eat dinner at Cracker Barrell and we could use our gift card.  Jay said sure. 

1) Dropped Gabe off – CHECK

2) Drove to the mall – CHECK

3) Exchanged jeans at Old Navy – CHECK (even exchange)

4) Exchanged Gabe’s Jeans, returned Morgan’s jeans and bought Gabe, 3 shirts, PJ bottoms, cargo pants and a pair of jeans.  (only spent $5)  🙂  – CHECK

5) My awesome hubby let me go to Sephora…  and just touch and spray.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!   – CHECK

6) Went to Cracker Barrell and only spent $5 OOP – CHECK

7) Driving home at 10 pm and…. 

     A) I remembered we needed pellets for the pellet stove…  crap the only store open now that carries them is Walmart.  Guess we are heading to Windham….

     B) We get a call from my MIL who says Gabe is starving.  Oh no, we forgot to give Gabe dinner!  😦

Merry Christmas and remember God’s plan is the ONLY perfect plan and remember to go with the flow and know God loves you no matter how scatter-brained you are!


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