Stress Free Christmas…

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope your feeling the love and peace this time is SUPPOSE to bring.  I really feel like my family is getting it right this year.  I’ve done a couple of things different this year which has really helped.

  1. I’ve tried to do something involving Christmas each day…  Making lists, inviting family, cards, watching movies with the kiddos, decorating, looking at Christmas lights…  It seems to get the whole family “in the mood” for all the Christmas cheer!
  2. I Bought everything except stocking stuffers online and either shipped it to my house or did in-store pickup.  I would wander in the stores and spend more than I wanted on gifts that were not quite right.  With all the free shipping and online coupon codes and rebate sites like, I can shop online cheaper, less time, and stress free.
  3. I didn’t ask/need the approval of others.  If I felt like it was the right gift to buy, I bought it.  Often I NEED lists or I need Jay or my sisters to OK presents.  I need to follow my heart and if I want to buy it for someone, I should. 
  4. I made sure I went to church as much as possible.  My faith has gotten me through so much and always me to remember it’s about remembering the amazing gift God gave us.  Our hearts need to be thankful and not worried about the #, size, or cost of presents we need to spend within our means and continue to realize that those gifts are to show love on BOTH sides and represent God giving us our Savior in Jesus Christ.
  5. I spent time with family as much as I could.  We are all busy and don’t take enough time to just sit and chat with loved ones.  This year I’ve purposefully made “dates” with my family to do Christmas kind of stuff.  I’ve gone shopping, made cookies, decorated and had dinner.  I was awesome.  I was able to catch up.  I feel like I’ve already visited with each one so that on Christmas day when there are 13 people in my house and I’m picking up, making coffee, helping Jay cook, cleaning dishes, serving dessert…  and then everyone leaves, I won’t feel like I missed out.
  6. I’ve taken Friday off to clean and wrap and my kiddos are away that day.   KNOW IF YOU ARE A PROCRASTINATER and embrace it.  I leave EVERYTHING to the last-minute so I’m taking Friday off to finish up before Christmas Eve.  My sis and BIL will be coming and I don’t want to miss out because I’m not finished!
  7. Start an easy tradition that your family looks forward to.  Traditions are what we remember.  We have one very easy one.  We invite our family to Christmas Eve service and then we go to our house and watch The Christmas Story and eat Thai food.  Both my sister and my father in law have checked with me to make sure we are doing it again.  I love it…  EASY and FUN!!!
  8. Christmas dinner is at my house.  Oh, I LOVE this one and often you may have to switch off and take turns with other family members, but It’s worked out for us for 3 years in a row.  PRAISE GOD!!! 
  9. I’ve asked all my family to help with the food and I’m cooking from my stockpile.  There are always last-minute things to buy and I don’t want to spend needless money on groceries or time in the grocery store.  I have so much in my stockpile so that is what I’m doing and I’ve split the other items among my family.
  10. My sisters and my brother in-laws and I have all decided no gifts.  It started becoming a gift card exchange and we started losing the meaning.  This allows us to spend a lot less money and focus on the kids for the gifts.

I want to wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS.  I pray that you feel the love of your Savior this season and now how special you are to him.  It’s about your heart, not about what, how much, or other people’s actions (we all know we can’t control other people)…  I hope the season is peaceful, memorable, and stress free for everyone.  God Bless!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Tim
    Dec 21, 2011 @ 18:27:31

    You are always a positive inspiration in my life!


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