Can’t say enough GREAT things about Master your Metabolism!

Hi Everyone, Jay and I edited our eating by following Jillian Michael’s Master your Metabolism book.  We feel GREAT and are losing weight.  I wanted to fill everyone in.

Where we were a few weeks ago: Jay had decided to do the Ironman Lake Placid in 2012 and had an aggressive long-term weight loss goal of 30 lbs.  I was at a comfortable weight but had gained 10 lbs since I had hit my goal last winter and really wanted to do something to get it off FOR GOOD!  I had been exercising 3 to 5 times a week at My-Fit-24 in  Gorham, ME which allowed me to burn 1200 – 2000 calories a week.  Jay worked out there too once or twice a week and would do triathlon training with his tri group 2-3 times a week.  He would burn 2000-3000 calories a week.  We both have been healthy and fit for several years.  But we wanted to get the last bit off and just have more energy than what we had.  So after A LOT of research (…  by me of course…) we decided to buy Master your Metabolism and the cookbook that goes along with it. 

Changes we made: I had been doing meal planning and doing a lot of home cooked meals to save money so there really wasn’t extra time in preparing meals for me. 

It was getting all the RIGHT ingredients.  We slowly went to organic where Jillian feels the money is worth it (like dairy and certain fruits and veggies)  so we don’t break the bank.  As you all know am an extreme couponer and REFUSE to pay too much for groceries.  We have been buying mostly fruits and veggies that are on sale and using Catalina’s that we get to go towards our non-coupon purchases.  I have found that Almond Vanilla Milk and Almond Butter are amazing!  I like them better than regular milk and peanut butter.   Nature’s Place brand at Hannaford offers a pretty decent price.  They are a littler more expensive so I’ve cut back in other areas like treats…  I haven’t bought ice cream, cookies, chips, or crackers since we started.  It’s funny how much healthier you and your kids will eat if there is no junk in the house.   

We’ve tried not to buy anything with more than 3 ingredients.  That helps to ensure it’s not full of fillers or preservatives.  Those things can mess with your thyroid which controls your metabolism!  We made the big switch from equal/splenda to Stevia in the raw.  As well as using Almond milk in our coffee.  Jay and I both love it and didn’t find it hard to switch AT ALL…  and The almond milk is so much fewer calories too!

Going to unbleached grains.  We don’t eat a lot of bread so that was easy.  The wraps are good.  I’ve also discovered White whole wheat flour.  It’s really great and tastes much better than regular whole wheat flour.  We’ve also switched to whole wheat basmati rice and whole wheat quinoa (KEEN-wah)  rather than white rice.  I’ve found those really inexpensive at BJ’s believe it or not!  🙂

Eating every 3 hours was different for me.  I was such a BIG meal person.  This wasn’t hard just a habit change to not let myself get starving. 

Where are we now:  Well we’ve been doing it now for 2 weeks and I’m down 4 lbs and Jay is down 12 lbs (YES 12!!!).   We have not changed the amount of calories we are taking in or the amt of time spent working out so the metabolism diet is working.  How is our energy doing???  Well, Jay woke up at 6 this morning just so he could see Abby before she left for school.  My hubby is a night owl so him waking up early is a SURE sign that he has more energy.  I also feel stronger while I’m working out.  So the edit is working!!!


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