Gabe Gab – How to measure progress for kids with ADHD

I have blogged about Cues, Target Behaviors, and a Reward System.  So How do you do ALL THIS in the midst of working, their school, basketball practice, working out, cooking dinner, doing laundry, family time…  Well I’ve found out that if you put energy towards something, kids are going to realize that it’s important to you and hopefully them too.  So I’ve come up with a paper that we go over each night and discuss the day. 

  1. It helps me remember to do things. Which also helps the morning go so much smoother!
  2. It helps Gabe use his frontal lobe and become an expert on himself since he has to remember what he’d done to earn points.
  3. It helps me become more connected with him and find out about his day. 
  4. It gives me written accounts I can then take to his psychologist so I can discuss areas that we need to work on. 

Taking 10 minutes a day is allowing Gabe and Jay and I to focus on him and helping him deal with his ADHD.  We’ve been doing this for several weeks and things are drastically getting better.  The first day he had NO IDEA what he had done in school, but by day 3 he could go through his entire day.  Telling Jay and I where he’d made good choices and bad choices.  We can reward him for the good choices he made and then talk about how NOT to make the bad choices again the next day. 

Here is my sheet…  Gabe’s sheet  Again it’s very custom to Gabe, but maybe you can use it to do one for yourself.  Do it for 1 week and see what happens!  Let me know if you have any questions on the lingo, but I think I’ve covered this in past Gabe Gabs…


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