2012 To-Do’s 3/10 UPDATE!!!

I’m committed to keep up with my To-Do’s so I’ll try to keep you up-to-date each week.  This past week has been a little TO MUCH for me.  I can’t put my finger on it but I feel a little defeated and a little depressed going into the weekend.  The family has been going in different directions this week.  I’m starting a new position at work (which is amazing, but still a little overwhelming at times), Jay started biking outside and got a new tri watch he has to figure out.  Abby has been studying for 4 tests this week and Gabe has had 2 appts this week but going really well.  So I’m behind on my Bible reading.  Why is it always my bible reading I get behind on…  I know God will forgive me, but I should be putting him and spending time with him as a top priority.  I’m going to try that this next week and see if it helps me get back on track with feeling complete peace and a joy-filled life!!!

  1. Read the Bible the entire Bible this year.  Check out www.youversion.com and start a Bible Reading Plan.  Ugh!  I’m a whole week behind.  I haven’t read anything all week…  Why do I do this to myself???? 
  2. Get $200 in Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks next Christmas.  This is about 347 Swagbucks a week.  See my sheet on how I’m going to do that.  How to Earn $200 with Swagbucks.  It’s been 11 weeks so I should be up to 3817 Swagbucks and I’m at  6370.  
  3. Make a new recipe each week.  This week I did 2: Braised beef stew with orange and anise and Pulled Pork.  Both were really good and made with pretty much all natural ingredients.  My fam LOVES pulled pork so I was very excited to find a natural BBQ sauce recipe that was FANTASTIC.  I’m a hearty dinner girl so I wanted to try the beef stew.  It has GREAT flavor, but I didn’t care for the turnips…   Check out next weeks Meal Plan 3-10-12 to check what I’m doing next week!
  4. Do something each week as a family.  Something that will make all of us feel loved!  Last Saturday we went to see The Lorax and then spent the day in Portland doing some shopping and had just a GREAT family day!  Even though the movie wasn’t GREAT our time together was!  We had dinner at Whole Foods and the kids really loved their pizza.  It’s nice to know there is a healthy option to dinning out.
  5. Go to the gym or do an equivalent workout at least 3 days a week.  I went Mon  – Thur.  Both Mon and Wed we had SO MANY  people in the circuit that there was over 20 stations.  Bill did a WONDERFUL job creating a tough workout that allowed for so many people.  I’ll be seeing Dawn Saturday am.  Bright and Early!  I’m hoping to start the weekend on a good note! 

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