Getting Ready for a Road Trip!!!

Many of you are going to be taking road trips this summer vacation.  I have taken at least 10 long ones in the last 5 years or so.  I wanted to help you all out with the list I use to make sure the trip in uneventful and FUN (yes I said FUN)!


1) Start saving.  Nothing makes a vacation better than paying CASH for everything and knowing that your bills are all caught up.  (This can save you 100’s of dollars if you had put it on credit cards or incurred late fees for unpaid bills)

2) Have your car checked out by a mechanic.  This $50 service can save you $100’s of dollars, a ton of time, and a HUGE headache.

3) Let each kid download a few new songs, games, and apps to their ipods or iphones if they have them.  I have a itunes budget item and I save that for 2 months so we can download a bunch of new stuff.

4) Don’t by fast food or drinks unless you want/have to.  I have always packed drinks, snacks, sandwiches, and breakfast for long road trips.  For a 20 hour drive to see my sister, we need breakfast, lunch, several snacks, water,  and flavor packs.  With my couponing I can pack this for under $10.  If we had purchased this out it would cost us hours of time PLUS close to $100.  Not to mention, be very unhealthy.

5) Drive through the night if you can.  Kids sleep during this time…  Enough said!

6) Bring presents for kids.  I will get a few $ store items, little trinkets, or other items I would have bought anyway and wrap them up for the kids.  I give them a present every several hours.   The first present is usually something to help get them through the ride such as Redbox rentals (be sure you know the Redbox locations when arriving at your destination!), books, puzzle books, etc.  They ONLY receive these gifts if they DO NOT FIGHT. 

7) Electronics are you friend!  Bring what you have and make sure you have them fully charged and car chargers at the ready!  If you have a DVD player, try bringing a series.  This usually helps to keep the older child interested.  We usually bring all Harry Potter, Twilight, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars etc.

8) Try to keep your spirits up.  Kids take cues from you.  So don’t get too hungry or tired because you will be more apt to lose your patience.  Be wacky and fun.  Sing too loud, make jokes, and play games with the kids. 

If you just plan ahead, you can make a 20 hour road trip FUN and MEMORABLE!


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