Fish, Fish, and more Fish

My motto is FREE IS FREE…  So when a family member gave me a lot of fish from a deep-sea trip, I decided to try to find a weeks worth of recipes that were different enough so we wouldn’t get sick of it.  This couldn’t have come at a better time.  My hubby’s truck needs $3000 worth of work, we had to fill the oil tank for $750 and he needs to register for next years Iron Man in Lake Placid in a week which is $600.  So that is a hard stretch for our budget, but I did it by cutting everything to the bare bones, with the grocery budget getting hit the hardest!  🙂  Thank-you Dave Ramsey!!!  So this fish is an absolute blessing!  This along with my stockpile and fresh veggies from the garden are going to feed my family nicely!!!  Here are the recipes I’m doing with the fish!  I think for 7 days I will spend $7.  Also all these recipes are VERY metabolism friendly except for the potato and stuffing.  NICE!!!!

 Spicy Fisherman Pie – have everything on hand

Grilled Fish Tacos with chipotle lime sauce – need cilantro, chipotle peppers, and fat-free sour cream.   will be using lettuce, tomato and my homemade salsa as taco toppings.

Coconut Curry Fish – need a can of coconut milk

Fish Chowder – need clam juice and 2 large potatoes

Grilled Cod – have everything on hand but substituting regular onions

Fish Fillets Italiano – have everything on hand

Crumb-Coated Cod – have everything on hand


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