Gabe Gab – starting school off right!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve gabbed about my son, Gabe.  Gabe has ADHD and anger management issues that has been a challenge to deal with at times.  I gab about our frustrations and triumphs in hopes that it helps others out there going through similar stuff. 

Gabe started 4th grade Monday and so far so good…  The first morning was CRAZY but he didn’t have any melt downs.  Here is what went wrong…

Gabe woke up and I asked him to get dressed…  10 min later he’s sitting on his floor in his undies playing.  UGH!!!  Then I helped him get dressed.  I asked Gabe what he wanted for snack.  “I don’t know…”  UGH!!!  I threw something in his bag.  I told him to brush his teeth and retainer.  “Oh no Mom, I don’t have my retainer…  I think I left it at the restaurant.”  Ugh!!! (This was a replacement retainer we had only bought 1 1/2 weeks ago.)   I asked him about lunch and he wanted hot lunch so I grabbed a check and made it out and put it in his bag.  I had Jay take some pictures and we drank our coffee anxiously awaiting the bus…  Oh no, I thought…  I didn’t give him breakfast. I ran in the house grabbed 1/2 a  bagel and a banana and shoved it down his throat…  I go back to my rocking chair on the porch with my coffee….  Oh no, I thought…  I didn’t give him his ADHD medication.  I run back into the house and grab that.  He took the meds just in time for the bus to come.  Even with all that CRAZINESS, he still had a great first day!  Yesterday my daughter comes walking in the house and says “Mom, I found Gabe’s retainer in the middle of the driveway.”  PRAISE GOD!!!

He has an assignment book that he is required to use.  So I thought we need to make this a pattern so he’ll remember to utilize it.  When he comes through the door he has to do 2 things: 1) Take care of his shoes   2) Read his homework assignments. 

He is expected to do chores at home so rather than have all kinds of different lists, we utilize his assignment book and write them in the “Other’ section.  So he knows that picking up his room, laying out clothes for tomorrow and packing his snack is something he needs to do before bed.  This is working GREAT.  My husband had the kids last night and he commented to me on how well the system is working.  Gabe woke up and was FOCUSED… 🙂  I think this is going to be a GREAT year! 

How did your first days go?


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