Freezer Cooking: 1/11/2013
I LOVE to do freezer cooking when I have a few hours to cook without being rushed! This weekend is pretty light for me so I’m planning on doing some cooking and freezing it so it’s all ready for me. I HATE cooking at night after a long day at work. So cooking on the weekends when I plan it all out and dirty the kitchen and produce ALL this, makes a few hours of cooking so worth it!

Step 1 – List Recipes you want to cook. Realize that you only have so much time, ovens, and crockpots and so many ingredients.

  • Zucchini Not-Crab Cakes quadruple batch (OVEN) – I shred extra garden zucchini and freeze it. (four meals)
  • Thai Sweet Potato Burgers double batch (OVEN) (2 meals)
  • Pumpkin Chili double batch (CROCKPOT) (3 meals)
  • Squash Soup –double batch (CROCKPOT) I cook and freeze extra squash from the garden and use it (3 meals)
  • Pumpkin Waffles – double batch (WAFFLE IRON) (breakfast for the kids for a few weeks)
  • Vegan Mac N Cheese – double batch (OVEN) (2 meals)
  • Italian Bean Balls – double batch (OVEN) (2 meals)
  • Veggie Pot Pies – Doubled the filling and it made enough for 3 pies. I made one for dinner and froze 2 4 Cup portions in freezer bags to use later. I used the onion and celery and then I used home canned or frozen veggies. Makes it A LOT easier. (2 meals)

Step 2 – Create a plan

Check your supplies to make sure you have enough ingredients.  Figure out what you need to pull out of the freezer or do ahead of time.  I knew this was a big undertaking so I did the Veggie Pot Pies Friday night for dinner.  This was a new recipe and the family LOVED it!  The double batch made enough for 3 pie fillings.  So a frozen pie crush and a bag of filling will make a SUPER quick healthy meal.  YAY!!!  I plan on getting the 2 Crock pots going FIRST.  Then get the 2 Mac and Cheeses in the oven.  Then I will make Pumpkin Waffles so the kids can have some when they get up.  After I eat breakfast I will make bean balls, Thia burgers and then zucchini Cakes.  I am planning on starting at 7 and being done by 1.  But in Six hours I would have prepared breakfast for a couple of weeks for the kids and 18 meals.  🙂

Step 3 – Start cooking

Get out all your ingredients you’ll need for the recipes you are doing in each “phase” so I have my 2 crockpot ingredients out first and then clean up a bit and get out mac and cheese stuff, clean up a bit, etc.  Allow for mishaps and don’t let it derail you.  I “thought” a jar in my pantry was nutritional yeast and it ended up not being NY.  SO I was only able to make 1 batch of Mac and Cheese, but that’s OK.  Also Hubby had a flat tire and I forgot I had to take Abby somewhere SO I wasn’t able to make waffles, but we are home tomorrow am so I’ll do it then.   Even with an 1 1/2 hr drive in ICE, I still finished by 2:30.  🙂  I was super happy.

Step 4 – cooling and freezing

Let EVERYTHING cool completely.  I freeze my zucchini cakes and burger, and bean balls on a rack for a bit and then put them in an air tight container.  I have several rectangle pop and locks that work GREAT.  The soups and chilli I put in freezer ziplock containers for individual use.  That way if the kids don’t like something I”m cooking, they can pull one out and heat it up within a few minutes.



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  1. Lisa
    Jan 11, 2014 @ 21:51:04

    Sounds great!


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