Intentionally Focused – Day 19

Image Day 19  of the bible study called, Intentionally Focused.  I pray it helps me look up to Him more!  I apologize that I got Thursday’s and Friday’s verses mixed up and that this is posted a day late.  But better late than never I always say.  I needed to give myself a little grace yesterday.  🙂

Today’s SOAP:


Casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.  ~2 Corinthians 10:5


We have knowledge of God.  We have this through His Word and our experiences with Him.  Paul states to cast down any that goes against that and take hold of your thoughts so you can ensure you are obedient to Christ.


Often there are times when we just get so worked up we don’t even think about asking God for help let alone think about controlling our thoughts so we are in a peaceful, joyous state despite all the stresses around us.  Today i got a call from Jay (hubby).  He was all stressed out about something that happened.  At that moment all he could think about was all the BAD “what-ifs”.  Each second the “what-ifs” he was saying got worse and ended with him losing his career and the family in ruin.  I’m so glad he called me because I was able to speak truth to him and tell him how we’d handle everything.  He and I do that a lot.  There are certain areas in our lives that we think are set…  we don’t worry about them.  When something disrupts them we tend to INSTANTLY think the worst “what-ifs”.  For Jay and I it’s our jobs.  I know about 3 years ago, the division I was working for was going to be dissolved.  I paniced and guess what, Jay was there to speak truth to me and calm me down.  Do you have someone who can get you thinking straight…  straight up that is and NOT straight down?  Make sure when you are not in control of your thoughts you discuss it with someone who is not going to feed the fire but give you the fountain of God to put it out!


Dear God, thank-you for my husband and the knowledge you’ve given both of us to set each other straight when we are not being obedient in out thoughts.  Please continue to be with us through the good, bad and the ugly.  I pray this in Jesus’ precious name, AMEN!


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