Intentionally Focused – 2/18/14

logoDay 30  of the bible study called, Intentionally Focused.   I pray it helps me look up to Him more!

Today’s SOAP:


This is My Commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.  Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends  ~  John 15:12-13


Jesus says that His friends are those who keep His commandments and then He says we are called to love everyone.  Then He goes on further to say that your life is the greatest form of love and you do it for your friends.  Jesus died so we could be saved and live forever in Heaven, IF we believe He lived a sinless life, suffered and died for our sins and raised from the dead to be with God.  So our friends are those who follow Jesus and his commandments and we should do loving acts because of them, but not ONLY to them.  The hope is that everyone is following Jesus, thus everyone is our friend.  So we can’t pick and choose who we do loving acts to.  We do them to help lead people to Jesus.  And you help lead people to Jesus by acting like Him.  He showed us the ultimate form of love not because He expected everyone to follow Him or was mad when it didn’t happen.  He dies for His friends who DID follow His commandments and hoped His act of love could be used to bring more people to God thus more friends.


As I read this I tried to wrap my head around showing love to everyone without expectations.  When was the last time I did that?  Did I let someone into traffic without expecting a wave to say thank-you.  Did I make my husband’s breakfast this morning without expecting him to say thank-you or do something nice for me in return.  I hope my heart is there.

Saturday night we celebrated Valentine’s Day.  I asked Jay and the kids what they wanted and Jay wanted pan-seared scallops with roasted brussels sprouts and quinoa and brown rice.  Then the kids asked for pad thai.  I shopped for the food and cooked it was happiness in my heart.  Now I’m not sure if you know how much I hate to cook.  That is why I plan and freezer cook so my evenings cooking can be short!  There was nothing about this meal that was short and I can honestly say I LOVED doing  it.  My daughter came up and asked to help with the pad thai.  I love that love can be contagious…  We started eating and watching the family movie I bought and my husband asked if there was more.  🙂  There is always more love!


Dear God, thank-you for the greatest example of love this world has ever known.  Please help me, my family and friends to always have the same heart… a heart where we love without any expectations so people can better know what love is and understand the greatest gift that was given.  I pray this in Jesus’ precious name, AMEN!


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