Vegan IRONMAN Meal Plan 7/24-7/30

 We head out to Lake Placid tomorrow.  I can’t believe it’s finally here!  I also can’t believe the dedication of my husband.  I can count on my fingers the workouts that he missed over the last year and 1/2.  The dedication and drive to succeed that he has taught our family out-weighs the time and money he’s spent for sure!  I pray that he does his best Sunday and can motivate others as well!    Ironman Meal Plan 7-24-13


Vegan Meal Plan for 7/15-7/21

2 weeks left till Ironman!  Meal Plan 7-15-13

Vegan Meal Plan for under 7/08-7/14

 I can’t over emphasize how much a meal plan, eating right and scheduled exercise helps improve my overall well-being and my family’s well being.  When you have a Momma that feels great and a Daddy that feels great, they get along much better and are better parents to their kids.  Kids do better with happy parent(s)! It is a little stressful, but sometimes I need a little pressure!  😉  My husband and I are vegan and really like how we feel.  He does the full ironman in less than a month…  He’s got 5 – 10 lbs he wants to shed prior so we are on a strict eating plan.  I didn’t include his extra nutrition on here.  But please know he’s eating tons of healthy calories when he does his 100 mile bikes, 2 hour runs, or swims!  Meal Plan 7-8-13

Vegan General Tso’s Fried Tofu – Family Favorite!!!

Hi Everyone!  We are in our 11th week of our vegan diet and still loving how we are feeling!  I made this Vegan General Tso Fried Tofu last night and it was a hit! 

My son is like 75% vegan and often doesn’t like what we eat for dinner (mainly because he’s not a fan of Asian Stir-fry).  When I told him we were having asian for dinner, he asked for something else.  I said yes, but he had to try it.  While I was cooking the tofu, he came out and asked what the delicious smell was…  I then started cooking the sauce and he just hovered in the kitchen.  Low and behold he absolutely LOVED it.  My husband came home a little nervous since he knew I had made my own recipe morphing several others together, but he was it love after the first bite.  A definite winner!!!

Now it’s not the most healthy vegan dish in the world, but it great to have when you are getting a little board.

Vegan Meal Plan for under $50 a week – 11/3-11/9

 I’m enjoying the Vegan diet.  It is the first week of my husband decreasing his meds.  He has been on some of these meds for a while and I think we’ve fought through the withdrawals.  The mood swings, headaches, and stuff was rough, but God’s Grace is bigger! 

This week I am going to try to do better at getting dinner ready ahead of time and so we are not rushing around on busy nights.  Here is Meal Plan 11-3-12.  

I was a little nervous being away at a conference this weekend, but it wasn’t too bad.  Longhorn Steakhouse has a Strawberry and Pecan salad that you can get without feta.  It was DELICIOUS!!!  I was so excited to find a completely satisfying meal at a steakhouse.

Vegan Meal Plan for under $50 a week – 10/27-11/2

 We are STILL doing it…  Here is Meal Plan 10-27-12.  We are committed to this and I keep finding more and more proof that it’s the best way to eat for me and my family.  My husband and I are vegan all the time, but my kiddos are vegan when they are home.  They still go out and have pizza with friends, or a cheeseburger at boyscout camp or Papa Rays homemade clam cakes… 

I have only missed animal based products a couple of times… 

#1) Dunkin Donuts does not carry vegan milk.  UGH!!!  That is a huge bummer.  I’ve tried drinking it black and ah no, no thanks!

#2) We have a cattle farmer in our church LifeGroup who brought ribs to our group last week.  Oh did those smell great! 

#3)  Ice Cream…  My family is BIG on Ice Cream and we went out yesterday for that and I just patiently waited as 7 of my family members consumed their desserts. 

So I’m doing pretty good…  It hasn’t been TOO BAD and the food is delicious.  I’ve been experimenting so much more with flavors and spices.

Out of this world Vegan Spinach Lasagna

Hi Everyone!  We are in throws of our vegan diet and loving how we are feeling!  I made this Vegan Spinach Lasagna last night at our home church group and everyone loved it!  I changed it up a little…  I used 1/2 spinach and 1/2 zuchinni (since I have bags and bags of shredded zuchinni from the garden)  I also used 1/2 Basil and 1/2 oregano.  I also used Daiya cheese for a layer in the middle layer and one on the top.  It makes a TON of spinach/tofu mixture.  I think next time I’m I’ll make 2 lasagnas and freeze one. has a lot of GREAT recipes. 

21 Days of Vegan Meal Plans for under $50 a week – 10/6-10/21

 We are doing it…  We are going to take the plung and go vegan for 3 weeks and see what we think.  We have watched Forks over Knives a few times and just really thinking that our bodies do not need dairy and meat and that they are such a huge contributing factor to so many health issues.

WEEK 1 – Meal Plan 10-6-12

WEEK 2 – Meal Plan 10-13-12

WEEK 3 – Meal Plan 10-20-12

Even though I will inadvertantly be more organic, my meal planning won’t be ALL organic.  Costs may be a bit higher if you are going with all organic prducts.   My first score is that Silk just released BOGO coupon.  PRINT THAT FROM EVERY COMPUTER IN THE HOUSE!!!  Also there is a Nasoya Tofu coupon for $1 off and there is a Whole Food’s coupon $1.25 off of 2.  It’s on Sale this week for $2.  So you can pick TWO up for $.75.  I’m maxing out that deal as well!

These deals along with making my own pizza dough, pie crusts, hb buns, and sauces are allowing me to continue to ONLY spend $50.  I take about 3 hours of prep time on the weekends to get ready for the week.  I make the dough, sauces, and cut up what I can so that my afterwork cooking goes QUICK!  If there are any vegans out there, let me know your favorite recipes!

Meal Plan 9/15 – 9/21 ~ Eat Healthy for under $50 a week

 Here is my Meal Plan 9-15-12!  We have a pretty calm weekend and we’ll take it!  We are planning to go see “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”.  I’ve warned both kids and they said it’s OK.  I’ll write a review when I get back and let you know. 

I’ve had a couple of people ask about my pizza beer dough recipe.  HERE it is.  This is for the bread machine which is easy.  But if you want QUICK and EASY use your dough attachment on your food processor.  The only changes are you dissolve the sugar and yeast in the warm beer for 3 min.  While dissolving, you add all your dry ingredients to the food processor and turn it on.  Slowly add the wet mixture.  Once it’s formed a dough ball leave on for 30 sec.  Viola!  I’ve been created and mixed in some whole wheat flour, oregano, garlic…  and it always comes out GREAT!

Hope you are living Healthy and Happy because life is too short!

Meal Plan 9/8 – 9/14 ~ Eat Healthy for under $50 a week

 Here is my Meal Plan 9-8-12!  Meals and snacks for $50 a week! 

I had a SUPER birthday.  Each special day makes me realize what an amazing family I have.  I’m loved and very blessed!  I got the mack-daddy of food processors. Cuisinart Elite.  In 4 days, I’ve made pesto, mango and banana sorbet, cream cheese frosting, shredded carrots, carrot cake, and Guacamole.  It is AMAZING.    I’m going to use the slicer and make dill pickles this weekend.  I’m not sure what else to do.  Any suggestions?

This week is pretty low key which is GREAT because we need to visit family that has come home from the hospital!  I’m also hitting the gym hard.  I’ve fallen in love with spin class and did a CRAZY weight class last night. 

Hope you are living Healthy and Happy because life is too short!

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